Council members

The council members of TAG Art Museum consist of well-known institutions and enterprises with outstanding influence in culture, art and business. Council members are vital to the basic operation and long-term development of the museum, providing valuable support and advice for the development of TAG Art Museum. They will also work with the team of TAG Art Museum to attract social attention and discussion in multiple dimensions, so that the influence of art will transcend industry and geographical restrictions, positively affect various people and wider areas in a friendly way, fully demonstrating the unique charm of art. The program aims to open up a new art experience for each member, grow together with the museum and explore art together.

The council members of TAG Art Museum are an important force in promoting the development of contemporary art. The members' names will be permanently engraved on the merit walls in the Art Museum. At the same time, they will also receive many VIP benefits and exclusive services, including prior access to the latest art news and development plans of TAG Art Museum, artist-in-residence studio visits, invitations to previews and reception events of all TAG Art Museum exhibitions, art salon gatherings, and more activities to cooperate with artists, curators and art community personnel to highlight artistic advocacy, build a high-class personal brand image, and constantly enhance its influence in the art field and social circles.

TAG Council members